Connecting the Audience to Digital Media
October 10.2013
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You know the feeling you get when you're watching your favorite TV show, and it cuts to a break? Without realizing it, you're bracing yourself for an ad. You know that you're about to be “sold” on something. It's akin to the feeling you get when you walk into a commissioned furniture store. Okay, it's not quite as unpleasant, but you get the picture. It's a feeling of being “on guard.”

Not that there's anything wrong with TV ads; they still work for many brands (especially when they are done right). But the point is that as consumers, we're becoming much savvier. We want to be engaged and informed; we want to interact. Give us something in exchange for our time, and we will respond.

That's where digital media comes in, and it's also why it excels. Digital media is everywhere. It's on your phone, on billboards, on mirrors and screens. It's everywhere your customers are. And, it's flexible enough to allow you to interact with the RIGHT customers on a personal level.

Let's look at an example that shatters the confines of traditional marketing and gives customers an unexpected experience during a recent event in Taipei.

Heineken's advertising team obviously knew that their target audience would be at this event. These people would likely be drinking beer, but they would definitely be looking to have fun. Heineken delivered on the fun component with its “Time Machine,” a virtual experience that asks consumers to engage by collecting five key elements needed to create a Heineken beer. Next, Heineken delivered on the “beer” component by giving consumers their own personal souvenir, a personalized Heineken bottle. 



You'll notice that users were also interacting with the “Time Machine” application on tablets and stationary portals outside of the booth. In this one event, this brand successfully reached and engaged its target audience through digital media, providing an experience that the RIGHT customers will be talking about with their friends (also, potential customers) for a long time to come.

This brand is no stranger to enticing customers through digital media. You may be familiar with Heineken's recent “Departure Roulette” campaign, which combines billboard advertising with social media and television ads. Again, Heineken was successful at not only reaching a small group of its target customers, but also getting those people to talk about the brand.

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