Creating a Perfect Pitch
May 03.2013
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Creating a perfect pitch

You’ve created your company concept, you’ve developed a brand, and now it’s time to take it to the masses and launch your venture.

Marketing yourself effectively means pitching your venture to anyone who can help you reach your target market – whether it be journalists and bloggers for exposure, or potential investors for capital. Having a great pitch will help take your new business to the next level, so what should it contain?


Ask: Why are you different?
Ask yourself, how does my organization differ from what’s already out there? What’s my unique value proposition? It’s impossible to pitch your venture convincingly if you aren’t able to answer this yourself. Highlight things that make your organization stand out from the crowd, whether it’s your unique corporate culture, inventive new products or offering a new take on something that’s always in demand. 


Get Specific
Speaking in generalities and going overkill with buzzwords will hurt more than it will help. Sweeping generalizations such as “We offer the best SEO solutions around!” seldom work because a) they’re rarely true, and b) we’ve heard them all before. What are those solutions? Who are they for? Provide proven examples of how your methods work. Get excited about your specific niche in the market, and they will too. Which leads us to our next point…..


Be passionate
If you love your business and your brand, this passion for your work is contagious. It will inspire confidence in your brand, which will lead to positive reviews and recommendations that will increase business. Confidence and passion are especially when addressing investors, most of whom are looking for projects that are low-risk. Stumbling through an 80-page business plan befuddled won’t be as effective as a knowledgeable, confidently-delivered elevator pitch.  


Be a “must-have”
Competition will exist in any industry you’re in. Show that your venture wouldn’t just make a great addition to the market, but that it is a necessary one. Who is your target market? How will you reach them? How much revenue will you produce annually?  What do you offer that competitors don’t? Position yourself as an asset, not a liability.


Finish strong
Create a call to action. Make an investor want to support you, or a blogger want to write about you. Social media is a great way to engage people with your brand and keep them up to date with new developments. Building an online presence is a cost-effective way to get started with communicating your company ideals and publicising your brand, so make sure you can end a pitch with a list of places they can follow up – whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit or Pinterest.