How to Bring Creativity to Life with Digital Media
October 11.2013
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There's no mistaking it, technology is cool. If you're walking down the street and you're met with a hologram that addresses you by name, you're going to take notice. Why? Well, for one, a computer program just addressed you... by name. Cool.

But you're also going to pay attention because the whole package is not something you see every day. As a consumer, you encounter a digital ad and instantly recognize it for its storytelling potential. When someone asks you what happened today, as they inevitably will, you may finally have something interesting to say

So, you stay. You interact. You engage.

And you let this creative content bind you with the brand that created it.

Now, imagine that brand is yours, and potential customers are connecting on this level with your product or service. Digital media makes these kinds of connections... every day.

How is it done? Well, these days, technology is almost limitless. If you can imagine it, there's a good chance you can also create it.

Just take a look at this simple Coca Cola bottle, as a hologram. It's jut a product, but in 3D form, you'll watch it move, set on fire and chill like ice. You'll see its effervescence lift the words off of its label, and then you'll see fire bring them back. A helicopter will swirl around this once simple Coke bottle, now giving it tremendous scale. And finally, the Coke Zero bottle becomes Coke Light.