Incorporating Shelf-Ready Packaging in Project Design
October 12.2013
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There's a lot more that goes into introducing a new product and/or brand than just the initial idea. Sure, a great idea will carry you a long way, but if the project design falls flat, well, so will your profits. That's why it's crucial to consider every interaction point where potential customers come face-to-face with your brand. Sometimes it's online or through a catalog, and sometimes it's on a supermarket shelf.

In some countries, open-box presentation almost comes as a second nature. When products are being sold at warehouse spots like Costco and Home Depot, you know you have one shot to grab the customer's attention, and that's often with the outer box design. In the Netherlands, this type of marketing is just starting to make its way to mainstream. So, for all of those indie retailers who are struggling to make their project design shelf-ready, here are a success story with inspiration.

Sometimes when you're designing a box, it's best to think outside the box. That's what our fellow Canadian designer Simon Laliberte did when he was commissioned to create the packaging for these one-of-a-kind brushes. Take the packaging away, and they're just boring old pain brushes.