The Importance of Brand Identity
September 12.2013
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What makes you reach for one brand of cola over another?

If it's not price, there's a good chance it is brand identity. Sure, taste may factor into the equation, but you'd be surprised at how little that matters. Don't believe it? Let's look at an almost tasteless beverage, water. Most people have a favorite brand, but why? What makes your favorite stand out from the other bottles of almost identical H2O? If you answered brand identity, you'd be right.

There are brands that are based upon tradition and others based on a romantic stories about the water's origins; others focus on philanthropy or purity. It's a market that is completely saturated, no pun intended. Okay, maybe it was intended.

You might think that there is no room for another; that every unique angle has been taken. But it's not the end at all; in fact, this is when things start getting interesting. Take the brand Contrex, for example.  This mineral water has a high-magnesium content, as most mineral waters do, which supposedly speeds up the body's metabolism. It isn't a new product. Mineral water has been on this earth longer than we have. It's just a new angle. It's a new target market, and a new brand identity. Pure marketing genius.


Check out the video below to see how Contrex chose to introduce their brand to their target audience.

There's no doubt that a stunt like this came as a result of many strategy sessions, creative thinking and a great deal of market research. Maybe your brand doesn't have the means to pull off such an elaborate stunt, but that doesn't mean that you cannot grab the attention of your target audience while staying true to your brand's identity. An agency that specializes in brand identity, such as ours, can help.

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