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May 03.2013
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The Vancouver Art Gallery is turned 80 on October 5th, 2011.

Eighty years of keeping art in the heart of Vancouver is a feat achieved by the good works of a enormous range of people… by artists, donors, volunteers, staff and the wonderful community that has embraced and supported us over the decades.

Around the Gallery in 80 Art Works is our celebration of the many people who make the Gallery a special place.

Eighty individuals are each selecting one art work from the Gallery’s permanent collection, and contributing it to this anniversary photo gallery along with their comments on why the work is important to them.

It may be an artist whose work moved them…
or a painting of a place that is special to them…
or a photograph taken the year they were born.

All kinds of people, and all kinds of art…
meeting together to celebrate the Vancouver Art Gallery.
That’s Around the Gallery in 80 Art Works.

We hope you’ll come by often to see who… and what… is new on our birthday photo gallery.
This project launched on Monday July 18th, and we’ll be posting a new image every day for the next eighty days… until the Gallery’s birthday!

Interested in being one of the eighty people?
Friend us on Facebook and ‘like’ one of our 80 ARTWORKS posts, and you may be one of the lucky people who wins the opportunity to select an art work for the photo gallery.

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