What marketing strategy?
April 17.2013
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Small business owners have a lot on their plates (understatement-of-the-year alert). In most cases, they are the sales, accounting and executive team all rolled into one very, very busy person. In the early stages, for many businesses, it's the only way to stretch a tight budget. And, for the most part, it works.

But there is one function that small business owners should not take on themselves, and that is the creative direction of the company. There are a few exceptions, of course. If creative branding IS your business, then you can probably handle the job with a little help from your team. But it is simply too hard for most to step back and take an objective look and create a lasting brand image.

Here are 3 ways a creative agency can help elevate your business.

1. A little objectivity can go a long way. Have you ever attended a meeting with a group of people from an industry that is foreign to you? They speak in acronyms that you don't understand and make jokes that you simply don't get. Sadly, that's how some businesses communicate to their audience without even realizing it. When you're so close to a subject, it's hard to pretend that your not. It's hard to know what it's like to be seeing that product or service offering for the first time – because you have seen it every day for the past three years. A creative agency can help by giving a fresh perspective, similar to what a new customer would experience.

2. Increase ROI. Creativity is more than just knowing what looks good. There is a science behind the art of appealing to human nature, and any good creative team will be well-versed in direct response techniques. Compare this with the creative college student you hired for the summer to create ads, and you'll soon see that there's no comparison. If you expect ROI, you'll need a team with experience and a track record for results.

3. Protect you from embarrassing mistakes. We've all seen those embarrassing misprints that Leno likes to share on air. And we all have had a good laugh at the expense of a small business owners who thought they could handle the creative marketing themselves.