Balance Kiteboards, a Spanish kiteboard brand, is revered as one of the finest crafted board company's in Europe. Blending wood laminates and other materials, Balance makes industry-leading kiteboards that come adorned with 80’s inspired bright prints and colours. But as a newcomer to the global scene a few years ago, Balance Kiteboards needed a look that would boost brand awareness, credibility and instant recognition quickly and succinctly.



Balance kiteboard brand, built and assembled by the industry champions have a clear vision to develope and deliver exclusive products by offering adaptive kiteboards for all types of water conditions, weather conditions and the riders. 



We developed the brand idea, identity and strategy, communication concept, art direction, graphic design, interactive media and B2C, B2B communication for stakeholder’s, investors and marketing tools. We started by developing a concept that would tell an incredible story linking the sport’s subculture and board sports heritage with the technical brilliance of the boards themselves. Our art direction team brought this extreme sport brand to life employing eye-catching photography and graphic design to stand the test of time. The instant vintage brand story was hard-to-miss concept was bold and exciting as kiteboarding itself. Balance Adaptive Kiteboards.

Visit: BalanceKiteboarding

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