We believe in giving back, and feel it is important. That’s why we support artists. This musical collaboration from Japan, Europe and the US reminds as all how pushing the envelope and connecting cultures leads to new paths forward. These images were collected and shot over time, and seamlessly put together for maximum impact.


We wanted something thought-provoking for this special piece. We are bombarded with images ever day – but do they really affect us? How? We wanted to examine the concept of sensory overload in depth with this artist’s rendition.

Brand Solution

Our video production process began by compiling years of pictures that had been taken in Japan, the US (mainly NYC) and Europe. The on location images were unique and compelling, perfect for our purposes. Our art direction team worked with our graphic design experts to piece these all together in a way that was eye-catching, perfectly complimenting the song. The result was a stunning stream of motion graphics, which were carefully paired with the music thanks to the expertise of our sound design and editing team.

Performed by: Lamont (Sense Overloaded)
Directed & Edited by: Josh Bishop (Special thanks!)

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