Benno Hotels is an elegant hotel located right in the heart of historic Wilhelmina Square, Eindhoven. Perfectly suited to both tourists and business travellers, the hotel blends modern sophistication with the history of the celebrated surroundings. Guests can feel at home in the up to date rooms and enjoy fine cuisine in the Bonno Hotel Restaurant.


The vision was to create interesting, informative and engaging marketing tools using non-traditional methods. We didn’t want to promote just any hotel, that’s why we turned our sights to motion graphics to create a result just as unique and special as Bonno Hotel.

The Result

We realised the concept using an engaging illustration. Using fast-paced drawing, to tell a story and take the viewer on a journey through all the services the hotel offers. From the restaurant to the hotel bar to bed, we used a vivid 2D animation mixed still photography and process to create a light yet entertaining 25-second promo video. The cartoonized style was fun and energetic, like the hotel itself. The result was a quick but memorable marketing video that told you everything you need to know about a stay at the Bonno Hotel using powerful motion graphics.

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