Brand Identity

How do you want your target audience and customers to perceive your brand? It becomes a critical stage particularly those who are new in the business. Having a strong brand identity can go a long way. It can take you ahead of your competition. But it doesn't happen overnight. It consumes money and takes most of your time. The concept is beyond rewriting a tagline or replacing/redesigning a logo. Bear in mind that you are doing this to give and show reasons why the market  and consumers have to pick you rather than your competitors. These days, there ways to do this much easier than the traditional ways. Entrust this tasks only to companies and experts who are experienced in branding. You can expect solutions and great results just like what you had hoped for.

The people who work in the company must try to relate harmoniously to what you are trying to sell and share the market. They are your brand's ambassadors and they must believe in it. Businesses with strong brand identities have the following employees. It can't be forced but there's something you can do about it. Give credits to your employees by promoting them as brand ambassadors this strategy will make them feel like they are owners too even if they are not. Every department must understand each other and to make it easier for them, try to gather and place every aspect on one page. Have them buy your business's brand itentity. Through them, your success or failure can be determined.

The above mentioned steps are easier said than done and you cannot force them to believe in what your company believes in. It must be learned by whoever runs it. Once this is accomplished, the employees and company can benefit from it. 

Brand Strategy

Branding Positioning

Brand positioning refers to the place a brand occupies in the market and known as a distinct marketing tool valued by businesses. Whether you like it or not, every brand has its own position in the market based upon the clients perceptions. How is it done? There are ways but it also depends on your budget or how much you are willing to spend for it.

This can be done by sending out a consistent message to your target audience regarding the product or service through advertisement packaging and brand name. Once established, you can now start making steps on how to attract and encourage consumers to try your brand. Here are two positioning types that you may want to consider:

Quality Positioning

-      Quality tops the list of every consumer. How do you increase the perception of quality? According to experts, one must narrow a product's focus. It creates an impression that you are a specialist and not a generalist who happens to know more. Pricing comes next. The lower the cost, more consumers will patronize it. Remember that we are talking about “quality” and quality comes with a higher price tag. Consumers experience psychological satisfaction upon acquiring products that are priced higher than the usual. But of course, the product or service must justify the cost.

Rivalry-Based Positioning

-      A number of brands go head-to-head with their competitors to prove that they are better. Many businesses do this approach and this type of campaign seem to  work for them. This tactic although redundant continuously goes on up to this day. A good example would be laundry detergents. Each brand claims to have the most powerful ingredients to lift stains but gentle on hands.

Branding Services

Apple. Swoosh. The Golden Arches.

If after reading those words the first things you pictured were a Mac, Nike and McDonalds, then you clearly know the importance of a recognizable brand - you didn’t even have to see the logo to know what it represented. It’s this kind of instant familiarity and brand perception that we strive to create for your business with our branding services.

First we’ll form a clear brand idea, putting the essence of the brand and/or product itself onto paper. From there, we take those ideas and build a brand around them. Your vision for your business is realised as we establish a tangible brand identity, using design elements like custom fonts, colours, logos and slogans to bring the idea to life. Our experienced consultants will create a brand strategy that gives you a competitive edge, clearly delivering your messaging into the hands of consumers.

We love what we do, and our focus on providing tangible results and creating memorable brands comes through in our passion for each project. Talk to us about how to create an unforgettable brand that stands out from the crowd in a colourful, unique way.